Only the best

We believe that anything worth doing should be done right. That's why we stop at nothing to provide the absolute best VR experience possible. Coupling cutting edge hardware with masterfully crafted worlds allows for a gaming experience that is second to none. 


How it Works

By utilizing incredible computers, users are able to walk around and interact with virtual environments in realtime. By using the Vive's® headset and controllers, each movement is tracked by infrared sensors to achieve an experience that is unlike any other. We use additional accessories to make the headsets wireless, negating the hassle of wires while keeping you in the game. As Tech advances at a mind-boggling rate, we have high hopes for the future of virtual reality and cannot wait to implement new VR technologies.


Play Alone or With Friends

Why battle robots alone when you and your friends could go head-to-head? Team up or face-off with a myriad of game genres ranging from FPS's, RPG's, MMO's, Racing, Simulation, and much much more. 


Better Tech Means Better VR

VR don't take kindly to computers. That's why we implement the best graphics performance units on the market to boost performance sky-high. Higher frame rates and detailed textures grants you the best experience possible.