will VR make me sea-sick?

While some VR games can be disorienting, you should never feel discomfort enjoying any of our virtual reality experiences. All of our games our optimized to maximize immersion and fun while minimizing fatigue and dizziness. 

Everything from the headsets to the play areas are squeaky clean. Each piece of vr equipment is hand cleaned by our wonderful staff after each play session so you can experience the virtual world cootie-free.

is the equipment (GUlP), clean?

can i play longer than an hour?

Yes! But there is a catch. You must have two play sessions booked in advance, and you are required to take a 15 minute break after ever hour of playtime.

While we do accept walk-in's, it is highly recommended that you book in advance, as it is possible there might not be an opening when your heart desires. 

do you take walk-in's?

how many people can play vr at once?

So far, 3 people can play at a time. However, we do hope to expand soon. If you are looking at playing a multiplayer game with friends, please notify your game host.

(EXCLUDING 15 MIN SESSIONSIt is possible to opt for one new experience per session . Every VR game varies in feel and controls. To give you the best experience, we have found that this provides a perfect balance of variety and familiarity. 

can i change experiences mid-session?

what is the age limit?

Sorry lil' tikes, you must be 12 years or older.